Blueberry Organic Cotton Rope Leash


For the sophisticated floofers, and stylish adventurers! Your dog will turn heads at the dog park with this 100% organic cotton marine rope paired with luxe brass hardware. Bonus points - we use a marine swivel clasp that will not jam up on you.

140cm in length length.

Suitable for animals of all sizes.

Brass - The hardware on your leash is natural brass which will change and develop patina over time. It will develop a beautiful loved appearance with age and use.

Organic Cotton - Due to the natural material of cotton and the natural dyes we use, over time the colour will lightly fade.

If your a beach lover, give your leash a rinse off after use.

Organic cotton

Organically grown cotton is farmed without harmful chemicals and abides by strict environmental standards which are audited independently. Organically grown cotton sustains the health of soil, ecosystems and people, relying on the use of natural processes instead of chemicals. These natural processes lead to cleaner air, better soil and safer environments for farmers and their families.

a clasp that won't jam up!

brass hardware

Brass contains little or no iron, and so IT WILL NOT RUST. Over time brass will oxidize to form a green patina, which actually protects the metal from further corrosion.